April 17, 2014

Kids on carousel at Co-op Park

These young ladies were taking the Cooperation Park carousel for a spin on a beautiful spring day.

softball player

If you're going to play third base, you've got to be ready to spring into action instantly. Maddy Milner was coiled and prepared in the opening game of the Inland Lakes softball season. (Story and additional photos in this week's Straitsland Resorter.)

Track relay handoff

Taylor Fletcher takes the baton from Sarah Bruniquel in the Inland Lakes track team's opening meet of the season. The Bulldogs have had two meets this season and are looking like one of the top teams in the Ski Valley Conference. (Story and additional photos in this week's Straitsland Resorter.)

Baseball play at first base

If he'd been wearing longer spikes, he might have been safe. It was that close. Cody Bloom was out on this play at first base, but still had two hits as the Inland Lakes varsity baseball team opened their season by sweeping two games from Wolverine. (Story and additional photo in this week's Straitsland Resorter)

Video Clips

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